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It will hurt for a while, and in time you will let go of him. honey think about it, if he really wanted to keep the relationship going he would have forgiven you and tried again.

think of yourself. you have your future left, maybe with out him, but it is your future to make what you want with it.

one day will come and you will look back on this and think, “i cant believe I was going to clock out for him, especially when he wouldn’t even give me the time of day”.

he is not worth your life, not at all. im mad he wont even talk to you, but im madder that you think your life is not worth living.

your an amazing, funny, beautiful, awesome person. you deserve so much more and need to go for it in life. not give up.

My neighbor giving me advice when I felt suicidal.

Right now I’m feeling suicidal….. you’re all I think about and now you’re gone….. I’m sorry I hurt you the way I did….. I’m sorry for everything…… the guilt is eating me alive…..

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If anyone ask why I love this show so much I will show them this. This show has so many good messages that I’ve tried to act out in my own life. I love this show

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do you ever hear the intro theme to a video game and you get really emotional and your heart feels really weak like it’s coming back home and it’s basically like that whole world you love so much summed up into one epic song and you just want to fucking cry a lot because this is the video game for you and nothing else ever can even compare to the feeling you get when you hear that one fucking bit of music

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"kid’s show"


Pokemon Cards that tell stories

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